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  Cachet Noir Remy Du Ciel Du Sud CD HIC
Owners: Dana B. Mackonis, Anji and Tommy Perrymon

We first met Remy as young puppy. We took one look at each other and knew we
were destine to be together for life. The only problem was, we didnít own
her. Remy belonged to Dana Mackonis. Finally after 4 years I talked Dana
into letting Remy come and stay with us to show. She competed in the
conformation ring where she earned 10 points and her majors, but was forced
to retire due to an injury. She went on to earn her CD title in obedience.

Remy had been bred before she came to live us. She is the Dam of the Cachet
Noir M litter.


Remy age 11-years and Anji, Featured in Powergrams news article 

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