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  Just for fun photos, enjoy 

March snow (2009)


1902 Postcard of a Belgian Tervuren 

Noella, Cricket, Dizney, Hatter, Morgan December 2020

Baby Hatter and Papa Morgan  March 2020

Raven 2012 Left and 2019 Fast Cat Run

Pathway to the backyard from the pool Foley, AL House

Raven 2020

Want to know how Morgan got his name? We live near Fort Morgan on the Alabama Coast and that is also our Homeport where we launch the boat to go fishing and cruising on the Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay

Hatter at his first Barn Hunt Practice November 2020

Tucker and Angie Beach Littermates NY

BOSS Ladies of Hawkeye's L-R Shea, Katie, Noel, Scarlett lower is Raven

Max and his Boys Top is Max, L-R Joey & Kenny Bottom Morgan

Joey and Raven 2014

2000 Atlanta ABTC Honor Parade 


 Joey, Kenny, Sienna 2006

Anji and Max Rally

Bubba Tervuren Club Members: Bubba Tommy, Bubba Larry, Bubba Klint 

Lady Bubba Joni Freshman ( Don't tell the BOB's Brides of Bubbas)

Cloie 2007

Max and Katie 2008

Ok I think I got it steer with the left paw and sit on the gas petal 

Kenny taking driving lessons

Katie, Max, Sienna and Noel all agree you better give up the cookies

A two headed Terv ( No its just Kaz and Noel)

(Razzle)  I don't know what I am going do when I catch this thing

You kids don't know how to cool off, this is way you do it (Mom Sienna)

Nap time for Max

When I catch you your going to get it you little thief

Cookie theft caught tape

Katie chasing Kenny 2006

I know there is something up this tree (Joey)

(Kenny) What you doin? (Joey) Man, there is something like a treat in this tree, (Kenny) No way, (Joey) yea I saw mom putting a cookie here so we could pose for this dumb picture "Dogs in Trees" have you every? (Kenny) No I'm just a silly puppy 

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